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New Zealand 2020 Calendar

Hello everyone! Come get your holiday shopping done early with my 2020 calendars. Since last March I have been living in New Zealand and travelling around both islands in a van. I have traded comfort for freedom and so far it has been an incredible experience! New Zealand has some of the most diverse landscapes I have ever seen. From the beaches, waterfalls, and hot springs in the North Island to the mountains and lakes in the South Island, this place has it all. I want to share with you my top 12 images I have taken during my journey so far. I believe these show you some of New Zealand's most spectacular areas and give a glimpse of my favorite moments.

About the Calendar: Each Calendar will be printed on premium quality gloss paper and is 8.5"x 11" folded (17 x 11" opened). There will be 13 images of my favorite locations in New Zealand and the name of the location will be given at the bottom of each image. Click here to see last years calendars.

* 1-3 photos are subject to change as I capture new places before the calendars are printed


** Delivery - For any customer not able to pick up their calendar in person from either my family or friends (I am still in New Zealand) $5 shipping included in price

** Pick-up - For any customer who is close with me and would be able to pick up their calendar from either my family or friends

*** A 4% tax has been added to cover some of PayPal's transaction fees

If you have any further questions or do not wish to set up a PayPal account,  please reach out to me and I will contact you as soon as possible to get everything figured out.



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