In the fall of 2022, I really wanted to make an effort getting outside and surrounding myself with beautiful colors to put myself in the position to create something if the scene called for it. Regardless of the outcome, I knew I would have a good time being outdoors and that's all that matters. Thankfully I had the opportunity to visit several different areas around Washington and truly get a taste of how beautiful this state is during the fall. In the past several years I would maybe go on one or two hikes and call it good for the season. Usually, I'd only try to capture the larches however I knew there was more Washington had to offer.

This gallery is made up of a few different hikes I went on in the mountains, a long weekend road trip through the North Cascades to Winthrop, Twisp, and Leavenworth, and also includes images captured along some walking trails close to home as well as the local botanical gardens.

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